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The Stressed Documentary is now on YouTube

The STRESSED Documentary is now on YouTube.

I am excited to share this Documentary Film with all of you!!

The ‘Stressed Documentary’ is now free and available on YouTube for you. Feel Free to share the link below.  Discover a way to address past trauma and its effects in the patterns of how we make choices in our lives.

At this current time of uncertainty and unexpected change, it is more important than ever that we have a means of sharing how the effects of stress may be impacting our lives AND that there is help available.

I have completed the certification qualifications of NET  Training with Dr. Scott Walker and would really love to introduce you to this amazing process of  emotional release. Try it to gain more balance and calm in your life.

The world needs NET and all it has to offer.

“It is our hope that this documentary will help bring a greater global awareness that NET exists and convey the message that there is hope and healing available for the world.”      The ONE Research Foundation 

The ONE Research Foundation created this documentary to help explain how stress can affect our body in many different ways, and I believe it could be very helpful during these times of change.  The documentary also reports on recent scientific research from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia that shows just how powerful the tool of NET is to help restore balance to the body and mind.

Here is the link:

Please let me know if you have any questions or if there are other ways we can be of support.

Yours in health,


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