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Published Articles:

  • Classical Chinese Medicine
  • Gynecology: Case Study; Ovarian Cysts, Vol. 23 CJOM
  • Sharing the Gift of Oriental Medicine, Vol. 21 CJOM
  • Aligning with Time and Space, Vol 20 CJOM
  • Divergent Meridians, Part I and II, Vol. 18 and 19 CJOM
  • Sinew Meridians, Vol. 17, No.2, Fall/Winter CJOM


Lectures, Broadcasts, Special Appearances and Classes

  • Autoimmune diseases and Divergent Meridian Therapy CEU Class Sunnyvale , CA
  • Immune Health Through Essential Oil Therapy CEU Class Santa Clara, CA
  • The Principles and Practice of Essential Oil Blending CEU class Santa Clara, CA
    Congee Therapy, CEU Class Santa Clara, CA
  • The Enlightened Mind, "Principles of Blending Essential Oils" Campbell, CA
  • Pharmaca, "How to build your Home Health Kit" Los Gatos, CA
  • Detox Classes for Unity Medical Center Westwood, CA
  • Special classes for Catholic Organizations, Covenant House (LA), Alexandria House (LA) Holy Spirit Retreat Center (Encino), Topic: The basics of Chinese
  • Five Element theory and applications to health and well-being Los Angeles, CA
  • Body Analysis and Sinew Meridians (Class) with Bruce Schonfeld Santa Monica - Guest Presenter: Medical Students, UCLA Medical School, Los Angeles | Invited by Mike Sinel, M.D., and Margaret Stuber, M.D.
  • The Health of the Heart: Effects of Stress & Practical tips: Pharmaca-Pacific Palisades
  • Homeopathic Pharmacy Series: Women’s Health,Hormones, & Weight, Santa Monica
  • "Breast Cancer Prevention", "The Beauty of Breast",Chakra Yoga & Chinese Medicine: "Custom Blending for the Chakras" Los Angeles
  • "Hormone Health for Men & Women" Agora Hills
  • Nutritional Health: "Free Radicals" Los Angeles
  • Prescriptions for Long Life & Good Health Panel Discussion Millennium Forum
  • Beverly Hills
    "Herbal Medicine & It’s Role in Breast Cancer Support"Women of Essence Breast Cancer Support Group Los Angeles
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Comes of Age" Health Symposium Culver City
  • Custom Blending Essential Oils According to Traditional Principles-Class Instruction
  • Los Angeles, CA Napa, CA Houston, TX
  • Nordstrom ~ Special Appearances Tour
  • Costa Mesa, Santa Barbara, West Pavilion L.A., Cerritos, Portland, OR

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