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If you would like to request a Lab Test and have already discussed with the office, you can fill out the request form below.


List of Lab Tests: (for request):

  • Take-home laboratory tests kits:
  • For Pathogenic infections (fungus/candida, bacterial overgrowth, parasites, molds and fungus, lymes, spirokete, viruses), request the MDLabs infectious disease full panel. (blood sample)
    • For Leaky gut, Detoxification imbalances, Digestive Disorders, inflammation, UC, Crohn’s, request: GI MAP, Stool Sample
    • For stress impact on the adrenals, request:  ASI (Saliva Sample) Adrenal stress and neurotransmitter imbalances (Cortisol, DHEA)
    • Hormone levels tests request FHP x 11 for a menstruating woman and MHP for a menopausal woman who is no longer menstruating. (saliva Sample). Hormone tests available for men, too.
    • For reactions on the skin, gut or foggy brain: request-Food Allergies E-95 (blood sample)
    • Autoimmune tissue identities; request Cyrex Array Panels.

I can perform the following test for you, depending on your needs:

  1. Food Allergy Panels Testing
  2. Regional Pollens Allergy Testing
  3. Hormone Testing
  4. Neuro-Transmitter Testing
  5. Metabolic Testing
  6. CBC Panels with Diff Testing
  7. Infectious Diseases Panels
  8. Hair Mineral Analysis
  9. Blood typing test
  10. GI Map Digestive Test
  11. CDSA (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis
  12. Cyrex (Various Panels) Testing
  13. OAT Testing
  14. Environmental Toxins Testing
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