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Print Media

  • Acupuncture and the role of Qi, by Therese Walsh Yogi Times, March, 2004
  • "Herbs & Women" Interview w/ Bree Altman Vegetarian Times, June 1999
  • "Ginger Root for Hair" Interview with Kristin Dozier First May 99
  • Interview w/ Iris Dorbian Natural Living Jan/Feb 99 Healing the Chinese Way by Judy Wade (I) Valley Magazine Jan/Feb 99
  • Interview w/ Alison Fabien New Woman Oct 1998
  • Interview w/ Jody Cosmopolitan July 1998
  • Interview w/ Alice Rivers Black Elegance June 1998
  • Interview w/ Tom Allure Magazine March 1998
  • "Here’s What to Do When You Haven’tGot Time for the Pain" w/ Barbara Thomas L.A. Times Nov. 2 1997
  • Tonic & Teas: Chinese Herbs in Plain English Whole LifeTimes Sept 1997
  • Interview by Caren Johnson Belle Magazine June 1997
  • Acknowledgement Elixir Tonic and Teas (Book)

TV Appearances & News Interviews

  • NHN TV, Interview with Raelene Weaver, Los Gatos
  • Total Health Talk: "Skin Deep" w/ Monika Klein Cable TV, San Jose
  • Facial Instruction, UPN News UPN, Los Angeles
  • Woman to Woman: "PMS", w/ Amy CBS, Los Angeles
  • Herbal Medicine w Beth Lasky KCBS, Los Angeles
  • Herbal Medicine & St. John ‘s Wort MSNBC, Los Angeles
  • Herbal Medicine, St. John’s Wort & Kava Kava UPN, Los Angeles
  • Interview w/ Julie Brown E-Channel
  • Herbal Medicine & Horse Chestnut UPN
  • TV Interview in the UK BBC TV

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