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2019~The Earth Boar Year



2019 ~ The Earth Boar Year

Did you check your phone for today’s weather? Now is the time to check the energy of the year ahead.  Here’s the outlook for the upcoming Year of the Boar  (wild, or Pig, domestic), which began on February 5th 2019.

The dynamics of the year are rooted in Five Element theory, which looks to nature’s rhythms to explain health, personal, political and business trends.  You might find something in these associations that resonate for you or motivate you to take action. 


First we consider the animal associated with the year: 2019 is a Boar/Pig.  Its nature is considered Yin and Water. This particular year is also considered Yin as well as Earth. Yin Water plus Yin Earth is considered especially Yin!  Earth and Water are in contention, and together make mud, so we might consider this the year of the Muddy Earth Boar!  This can point to literal mud (after the California fires came the rain which was followed by mud and mudslides) or a lack of clear thinking. It might even include social or political mud-slinging, unfortunately more common but may become less tolerated.  We may continue to see rising waters and more flooding.  


The Boar is the final animal (of 12) in the Chinese zodiac system.  The story goes that when the animals were all summoned, Pig stopped along the way to eat a meal, and was the last of the animals to join the assembly.  As a result, Pig is associated with endings and bringing things to completion. Lawsuits, investigations and projects would do well to be wrapped up in order to move on to the next grand cycle of 12 years.  As you’re finishing up projects for this year, then start planning for next year. Launch your new projects and plans in the Rat Year of 2020, which is the beginning of the next 12 year cycle.


There may be negativity surrounding the Pig or Boar in Western language (dirty, gluttonous, unpleasant, ugly). A German expression, “it’s all under pig”, refers to a bad situation.  But this creature has, in fact, many admirable qualities. Pigs are considered intelligent, determined, and sensitive (enough to sniff out truffles). Another German expression, meaning “to have pig”, means things are good or lucky.  Pigs are resourceful foragers and can adapt to many climates as long as they have enough water. They are social animals by nature and live in female-dominated groups, another aspect of their Yin nature.  They are also fond of relaxation and comfort, which gives us the expression “happy as a pig in muck” (to be joyful or content, or in a position of ease). If you’ve wondered why pigs are happy to be covered in muck, it is their strategy of protecting their skin from sunburn and keeping cool (maintaining their naturally Yin state) when the weather turns hot. 


Yin and Yang are often interpreted as opposites, but they are also interdependent and can transform to become the other. Yin carries the seed of Yang, and Yang carries the seed of Yin. Think of Day incrementally becoming Night and Night incrementally  becoming Day. In acupuncture theory, women are said to be Yin on the outside and Yang inside, and men are said to be Yang on the outside and Yin within. So while we all have Yin and Yang within, the Yang aspects of so many societies and cultures have been overwhelmingly emphasized for a very long time, and the balance is slowly starting to change. 


We are seeing the rising power of Yin, particularly for women. Women are finding and asserting their Yin strength, but not by assuming a masculine version of strength. Look to the #MeToo movement, and in the record number of women that entered and succeeded in our recent election.  In fact, men would do well to explore their Yin nature and cultivate Yin qualities like compassion, especially this year.


Yin issues are coming into focus socially, such as healthcare, women’s health and reproductive rights, family care, elder care, and rights and care for the disenfranchised. This urge to give and receive more caring, nurturing and compassion reflects the social nature of Pig. Social gatherings will have a more meaningful impact on participants at work, with families, or in our communities. Think of the power of the Women’s March. This is also a good year to deal with family issues, to let go of old hurts, forgive and reconcile. Earth energy wants to be understood, and when we make the effort to understand each other, we can be more caring, in better relationship, and mutually supportive. Family and community thrive in these conditions.  


The Boar energies encourage retirement for those that are close to that age. Boar values the rest that comes at the end of sustained effort.

In acupuncture theory, the imbalance of Earth and Water can lead to Dampness. This can result in weight gain or digestive disturbance, respiratory infections or sinus or chest congestion.  The Earth flavor is sweet, and the temptation will be to choose flavor over nutrition. Your body will be happiest with cooked and warm foods that are easy to digest. Stop eating at 7:00 p.m. or earlier.   If you must have a sweet dessert, keep it light and in a very small portion.  Warming spices such as ginger, cardamom and cinnamon will be beneficial especially when added to Congee.   

I am teaching an upcoming Congee class:


The muddy combination of Earth and Water can also negatively affect Kidneys and Bladder. We might see Urinary Tract Infections, kidney stone formation and other kidney issues such as lethargy, low back pain, knee pain or even a low sex drive.


Family dinners and social gatherings with friends over an enjoyable meal will be highlighted this year. You may find yourself wanting to explore old family recipes or traditional meals.


Pig energy can be sedentary, so it’s important to maintain exercise routines. Bouncing on a rebounder, shaking Qi Gong to move lymph, yoga, Pilates and tai chi are all good forms of exercise this year (or any year, really). You might enjoy these more if you join a class or group, because Pig energy is social.  We are healthiest when all the Elements are expressing, but there is no Fire in this Earth and Water year. A lack of Fire makes blood circulation more challenging, underscoring the need for exercise and good dietary choices. Circulation problems can manifest in varicose veins, hemorrhoids and perhaps even heart issues.   Shea Butter makes a very healing remedy for enlarged veins. Add Black Pepper Essential oil (available at the office) to shrink them, or use Oxicell SE (available at the office) as a topical anti-inflammatory cream.   


(Inquire in the comments below if you are interested in knowing more.)


Some Chinese Medicine Herbal Support can be sought through talking to your acupuncturist about ways to support your Circulatory system.


Boar is considered an honest creature, so truth will be valued, even though it may be hard to come by.  Muddy water is hard to see through, so dangers may be hidden. Confusion may result from unscrupulous persons who try to deceive. Because water can clean and flush out debris and toxins, those who lie won’t ultimately be successful for long.


Use the opportunity of the SPRING SEASON to detox your body, SPRING CLEANING for the interior as well as the Home and Office.

Detox Kits link:


A simple Mental clarity Essential Oil  Blend for 2019 to clear away any muddy thinking or brain fog:


Use 10 drops of each in a half ounce of carrier oil. I like Johoba oil as the blend will last a little longer once applied to the skin.

We will have a limited supply of this blend in my office in Feb. and March,  if you prefer to purchase it.


May this year of celebration, Parties, and Family gatherings bring joy to your life.


Refill sources for Supplements and Herbs

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  1. Darcey Arena on March 4, 2019 at 1:34 pm

    LOVE LOVE ~ Thank you!

  2. Tania Davies on March 4, 2019 at 2:43 pm

    Wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Aslita Leto on March 5, 2019 at 6:42 am

    I love the summary and reflection but just a note to Water & Earth part . This year if Earth nature is strong it has an opportunity to creat a boundaries that WATER adapts and avoid the MUDdie situation.
    There is possibility of supportive relationship between Water and Earth.
    Water & water ( Water Pig) is like continues waterfall or River
    Earth & Water – Earth Pig is like Calm Lake , reflective .

    • Therese Walsh-Van Keuren on March 5, 2019 at 8:20 am

      Aelita, Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate your contributions to the dynamics of the Year’s Energy Signature. I love that Earth will give boundary to Water if it is strong and that the optimal Earth Year and Pig Water Inner Nature can find the still reflective lake to contemplate and find a yin resting or Just Being like of experience!

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